Yoga&Meditation membership

Launching soon a platform where you will fins a library of a viarety off classes so you can practise anywhere at any time! 

For you now Im holding LIVE YOGA CLASSES On Zoom every week, Click below to book a class, exited to see you there! 



The yin practise is calm and restorative. We stay in poses for longer and the purpose is
to calm the mind and the nervoussytem leaving you feeling at ease and rejuvinated.


Vinyasa flow

This flow classes are dynamic and fun! We focus on on warming up the body by flowing
through sequenses connecting breath and movement. Many differenct themes and
experience levels.


Mindset & Movement

These are my signature classes that is a physical flow classes with an emotional topic
that we work on every time. We start the classes with an affirmation and a theme, that is
connected to the physical practise and ends with Meditation and mental training


Meditation & Mindfulness

Theseclasses are focused on meditation, gentel movements to start as a preperation fot
the meditation practise ending with guided meditation on different subjects.