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Speaking engagements

Do you have an organization, school or group that needs a speaker?
Isabel will arrange a talk that suits your audience. Her talks can be
done both in Swedish/Norwegian and English.

Seminars and workshops

From victim to victorious. This speech is authentically inspired from Isabel’s life experience, how she was able to turn her life around from addictions and despair, to fully take control of her life and how she wanted it to unfold. Through her story, she inspires the audience to see their life in a new light and open up for the possibilities life has to offer when we dare to take full control of our inner world.


ReffenraceMAGNUSSeminars  (1).jpg

Magnus Åsheim

Isabel has that ability to speak with great passion and presence so that it can move anybody, and her teaching can make anyone succeed - whatever people define as their own, personal success. I warmly recommend Isabel to all who wants to grow in life.”

Bezhad rfferance seminars (1).jpg

Behzad Ben Namdari

“Isabel Stål has that trustworthy aura and strong presence that captures you throughout the speech”


Sandra Michelle Romano

Isabel has this ability to move an audience, even the ones sitting in the back! Isabel is Authentic and honest, she has a story everyone can learn and inspire from. Have you had some setbacks and need to be reminded of the light in the end of the tunnel? Then Isabel is the right person to guide

you towards it"

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