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Coaching with Isabel 

This is an individual coaching program, designed to meet YOUR needs and goals so that you can make the changes you want in life to be able to move forward! I will work with you 1:1 to find the solutions and the path towards what you want, and to excel in the areas that are most important to you. I have had many clients over the years and seeing amazing results through this program and I know I can help you create lasting change and start living your dreams and I will support you on your way to your highest dreams. As a coach, I help you to grow and develop, as an accountability partner and help you not only see the bigger perspective and possibilities for your life but to create a plan to make sure you are getting the results. You will see and understand how you can change any aspect of your life, and actually, create the lasting change that you want.

PC benefits

Benefits of personal coaching

  • Personal guidance and assistance throughout your process

  •  Quicker results

  •  Discover your dreams

  • Make your dreams into achievable goals

  • Gain new perspectives and understanding about you life

  • Learn to change you beliefs and way of thinking in a way that supports you.

  • Develop self-supportive ways to think*

  • Learn how to handle negative thoughts and feelings in everyday life

  • Shift old belief systems into empowering belief systems

  • Increase your ability to tap into you inner power and strength

  • Integrate new success habits

  • - Get a clear structure on your goals to be able to stay focused and disciplined



Tobias Mahler

Researcher, Professor

“Coaching with Isabel has helped me to focus on what really matters in my work. This ability to focus is crucial for my ability to succeed as a researcher.”-


Dr Kathya Kaye

CEO - Terraforma foundation.

“Isabel is the new kind of empower woman, she is direct, kind and full of deep insight, she help me to focus and to understand the blockage that I needed to resolve to achieved the life I wanted on all level, I highly recommender her
private coaching and programs.”


Rachel Tshibuyi
Coach/Public speaker

”Isabel is a true manifesting being in her own right. She has a heart of gold and a strong passion to help people make their dreams a reality. She is a true professional and inspirational coach, speaker and teacher.”

Program #1

  • 2 VIP coaching sessions of 90 minutes. In this session, we will work to get clarity on what you want, what you need- and how to get there.

  • 4 Skype calls of 30 min. These sessions are all about what you want and how you can achieve it. Resolving blockages and finding solutions to move forward with what you want.

  • BONUS: The meditation starter kit (worth 222USD) to assist you in deeper healing and self practise.

  •  This offer is a promotion offer, and will only be on for a limited time. Normal price for this package is $ 1197,- NOW $ 997,-

Program 1

Program #2

  • 1 VIP coaching session of 90 minutes In this session we will work to get clarity on what you want, what you need
    and how to get there.
  • 10 Skype calls of 60 min. These sessions are all about what YOU want and how YOU can achieve it. We will continue to work on the topics that are most important for you. Resolving blockages and finding solutions to move forward with what you want. Continuously following up on your progress and Isabel will be your accountability partner and change coach.

  • BONUS: Meditation program #1 (worth $497,-)
    A 4 week home study Meditation program, which will teach you this powerful and life-changing practice that will support your growth and change in any area of your life.

  • This offer is a promotion offer, and will only be on for a limited time. Normal price for this package is $2097,- NOW $ 1697,-

Program 2
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