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Wild&Wise- Together we raise 

5 week group mentoring program starting New moon Sep 7
PC benefits

How would it be...

  • To feel balances and calm, even when life brings
    “stormy” situations?

  • To have more energy during your whole day?

  •  Feel more positive, enthusiastic and optimistic?

  • to consciously make better decisions and create
    (and stick to) new habits?

  • To have increased concentration and affectivity?

  • To feel more connected to yourself and a sense
    of purpose?

Do you sometimes feel...

  • Stressed out, overwhelmed or lacking energy?

  •  Do you feel like you have too much going on at the same time
    that you never really get anything dun properly?

  • Have you ever tried to meditate but not really be able to “figure it

  • Do you miss the feeling of being able to enjoy the moment and
    feel good about what you DO accomplish?

  • Maybe you have heard about all the amazing benefits meditation
    has for you and your life, but never really started with it because
    you don’t know how to get started?

  • ​Have you ever tried to meditate but not really be able to “figure it


Here's some of the things you'll get with this amazing meditation program:

  • You will Learn how to calm your thoughts and turn off the
  • autopilot!

  • You will go through a step-by-step process to easily find and
    integrate your new daily meditation practice. (Using only 15 min/day)

  •  Going through this unique program, You will be able to take full
    control of your INNER state and wellbeing, by understanding
    yourself better and creating peace and awareness, from within.

  • You will experience how easy it is to change your state of mind and
    focus, at any time!

  • You will increase creativity and productivity

  • You will be able to let go of stress and anxiety

  • You will become more connected to your joy and wellbeing.

  • After 42 days of meditating, you will be able to feel more
    energized, at ease, joyful, open, creative and effective. –



Ryan Hamilton

“Isabel has a calming, supportive presence that was great to be around. She helped us make
the most out of our time in class and encouraged us to make the most of our time outside the studio as well through mindfulness exploration. I cannot recommend her teachings enough!”


Caroline M. Skaar

Master in Health and Social Psychology

“Having Isabel as a meditation guide is the best. Her calming presence, which you don’t need her in the room to feel, helps set the right mood and intention for each meditation, and her
great voice is definitely meant for this kind of work. After using her meditations and classes weekly and almost daily for about 3 months, I really feel a difference in my own practice and life in general.”


Mia Østrup

“Isabel is one of a kind! She is so passionate about what she is doing. Not only by practicing yoga and meditation, but it is clear that she is really happy to teach and
convey her knowledge to us during the course. She is a calm creature who is very comfortable to be in space with. If you have not had the pleasure of meeting Isabel yet,
it's time!


A new start

I am so exited to start this journey with you! gathering the knowledge and experience from the past 15 years of going thorugh my own healing journey, and then sharing it with outhers and now bringing it into this new for of a group mentorship program. 

you are warmly welcomed and included to be with us :)

So get ready! lets start this spiritual healing journey togheter, I cant wait to see you and work with you :)

Click on the button below and get access to this amazing life
changing, 5 week meditation program for a limited time offer of

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