I'm not here to "get followers" and attention! I'm hear to... FIRE UP! - The healers, the leaders and the change makers of the world to step into their heartfelt strength and unlimited power... YES, I’m talking to YOU... I'm here to create deep connections, friendships, collaborations and Inspire JOY - LOVE - GROWTH in as many seeking souls that feel drawn to my work as I feel drawn to them. I'm here because I have decided to step into the role of an imperfect(!) role model and leader.

Maybe I haven't met you yet, but I believe in you. I believe in your dreams. I believe you have so much more within you than what you are expressing today. It's already inside of you so ready to be tapped into! - And if I can have a small or big part in stoking your inner fire and plant seeds in your heart. My mission is complete.

Change can only start from the inside out. From inside of you and of me and
together, as this soul family grow, as we connect and support each other...
we raise the vibration of the world.

Isabel Stål

Isabel Stål 

Hi! I'm Isabel, Yoga/meditation teacher, change coach and inspirational speaker! Well,
that’s at least what I’m passionate about doing! I would also say I’m a travel loving, big
dreaming and joy seeking Swedish native that has dedicated my life to grow on all
levels and helping others do the same! I love my business and the reward of seeing
people transform as a result of the powerful Practise of holistic Yoga and mental


From Depression to Connection

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