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Isabel Stål is a medicine woman, space holder, spiritual awakening mentor, yogi, healer, musician and artist from Sweden. 


Her spiritual path started as a teenager as she was going through depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts, something was whispering in her heart to believe there was more, to believe in healing. It lead her on a path around the world, both on the inside and outside. 


She started her first yoga/ coaching company as a 22 year old after coming home from a long journey in India. She has been teaching and sharing the path of healing and spiritual awakening for the past 8 years in Norway and Costa Rica where she has been living the last 2 years focusing on sharing transformational retreats working with plant medicines and other healing modalities.


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She has taken many different yoga and spiritual educations during the years; Hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, meditation, holding sacred space, shamanism, open to creativity, Sound ceremony, massage and more. As well as studying coaching with quantum success coaching academy. She has traveled around the world to attend courses and meet teachers to continue to deepen her spiritual practices as she is continuing to share what has helped her to create the life of her dreams. 


Isabel believes we are all on our unique soul path and that when we allow our heart to shine forth and show us the way, to learn to listen to and trust our intuition, we can all create a life in flow and harmony with ourselves and everyone around. 

Video From Depression t Connection
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