Join the next Yoga retreat 30Dec -5 Jan 2022 In Costa Rica

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Hey Thanks for connecting Im exited to get to know you better :)

Isabel Stål

Hiii thank you for coming :) Im Isabel,

a Medicine woman, space holder, spiritual awakening mentor, Yogi, Musician, singer, artist

and I am here to support you to your highest expression in this life, to help you find your path and follow it unapologetically! If your soul is calling you to grow, let us walk together!  


Our new transformational retreat will be in Costa Rica 30dec to 5th of Jan 2022. more info is coming :)

wild&wise online group mentoring 


join me on a 5 week deep inner journey, to re-connect to your souls purpose, to clear out any limitations so that you can fully step into and life from your heart. 

Yoga classes

Join me in sacared yoga space in person or online 

Soul Coaching

1-ON-1 COACHING Customized  Solutions that will support and guide you in creating real changes in your life!


Do you have an organization, school or group that needs a speaker? Isabel will arrange a talk that suits your audience.

Practice Anytime,



Join me for creative, fun and challanging Yoga/meditation classes with different styles and levels! 


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